Senator Murray's Math Education Proposal Passes Senate

Aug 03 2007

America COMPETES Act Includes Murray's Plan to Invest in Math Instruction, Curriculum and Materials in High Schools

 (Washington, D.C.) – Last night, (8/2) the United States Senate passed a proposal by Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) that will invest in math education in high schools and help make America more competitive in the global marketplace.  

Murray has been working for years to improve math and literacy education in high schools to help reduce the dropout rate and ensure students can graduate with the skills to succeed in college and careers.

Murray included her Math Skills proposal in the "America COMPETES Act," which passed the full Senate unanimously last night. 
"Too many students don't get the math skills they need, so with this bill we're investing our resources where they'll make a real difference for students and our economy," Murray said.

Murray's Math Skills provisions will improve mathematics instruction, curriculum, and materials for secondary school students.  It authorizes $95 million in 3-year grants to states and districts to improve mathematics instruction through:

  1. assistance to State and local education agencies in implementing research-based mathematics programs for students in secondary schools;
  2. improving the instruction of mathematics programs based on best practices;
  3. providing targeted help to low-income students who are struggling with mathematics; and
  4.  providing in-service training to instructors, including math coaches, to improve the teaching of mathematics to students.

Last night's victory comes just one week after the Senate passed another education bill that included another Murray proposal focused on math and literacy education.  On July 24th, the Senate passed the Higher Education Reauthorization Act. (S.1642).  That bill includes Murray's provision for new teacher preparation partnership grants to train literacy and math coaches at teacher preparation colleges and universities.  This will create a pipeline of specially-trained coaches in two critically needed areas.  Senator Murray's PASS Act (S. 6.11) calls for hiring literacy and math coaches to help students master these skills so they can graduate prepared for college and careers.