“I am proud to join this weekend with workers and communities across Washington state as we celebrate Labor Day with our friends, families, and loved ones. Labor Day is a yearly reminder of the critical role that Washington state’s amazing workers play in the success of our businesses, our communities, and our economy.  

“But we should also remember on this Labor Day that far too many workers in Washington state and across the country are out of work and desperately trying to get back on the job. Our economy is still struggling, and workers and small businesses are still feeling the aftershocks of a crisis they did not create but have suffered from greatly. As I travelled across Washington state this month, I heard from so many people who are looking to their elected officials to end the gridlock, end the partisan rancor, and come together around job-creating plans that work for people like them.

“So as Congress comes back into session, I am going to be working with my colleagues to keep the focus on jobs and the economy. There is going to be a lot of talk about the budget deficit and the fiscal crisis, but we can’t forget that there is also a jobs deficit and an economic crisis. Workers across America understand this clearly, and they are expecting Congress to deliver real results that work for middle class families.

“Washington state has some of the best workers in the world, and I am so proud that we have a strong workforce development system that stands by our workers and helps them get ahead. Over these past few years we have also seen far too many workers get injured or killed on the job, and we owe it to every worker to do everything we can to keep them safe and healthy at work. So on this Labor Day I once again extend my appreciation to our country’s great workers, and I will never stop fighting to make sure our country and our economy is working for families like theirs.”