(WASHINGTON, DC) – U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) today announced $4,683,500 in federal support for noise reduction in communities surrounding SeaTac Airport.

The funding, provided by the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP), will provide sound insulation, including window treatments, new doors and ventilation for 300 single family homes within a range of approximately 6 miles north and south and one mile east and west of the airport.

"This money will help families, schools and businesses in communities near SeaTac to minimize unwanted noise," said Murray. "Sound insulation will protect these communities from noise pollution while allowing SeaTac to continue to grow as one of the most important economic and commercial hubs in our state."

Senator Murray helped to secure the funding for sound mitigation as part of the Fiscal Year 2001 Transportation Appropriations bill.