“The reason negotiations on the 777X contract began with Washington state is because this is the best place to build it, and that hasn’t changed. We still have the best facilities, the most skilled workforce, the technological know-how, and a proven track record of delivering. We offer a clear competitive advantage. Now we will have to prove it. 

“There is no question that last night’s vote was a difficult one for many Machinists who had to think long and hard about what this contract would mean for them and their families. I have always respected the open, democratic process they use to make these tough decisions. What’s clearly required now is for workers, state leaders, and the communities that support them to move forward together to show that the 777X should be built in Washington at a time when so many others would like to lure these jobs away.

“It will also be critical that going forward we work with all parties involved to ensure that the partnership between our state, our workers, and our largest employer remains strong in the face of these disagreements. I will be personally working, as I have throughout this process, to ensure that lines of communication remain open between all sides. Washington deserves a fair shot at this contract and I have made clear that I expect Boeing to provide it. Going forward I will continue to work do everything I can to encourage meaningful dialogue so that both sides understand and appreciate the unique benefits they offer one another.”