The U.S. Senate today overwhelmingly affirmed its support for public safety and free trade, by voting to table (reject) the Gramm-McCain amendment.

Along with the unanimous approval of the Appropriations Committee, this is the latest indication of the Senate's resolve to support the safety of America's highways.

Supporters of weakening the safety standards in the Murray-Shelby compromise have gone to great lengths to mischaracterize the legislation. They claim the safety provisions are too onerous. They claim that the bill would violate NAFTA. And they have resorted to the ugly step of suggesting that it is "anti-Hispanic" by unfairly discriminating against Mexico.

This is simply not true, and by an overwhelming 3-1 margin, the Senate today refuted these desperate charges.

I have been and remain pro-NAFTA, and I recognize the unique opportunity the people of Mexico and the U.S. have in forging a closer relationship. This is not about where trucks are from; this is about insuring the safety of our highways.

The bipartisan Murray-Shelby compromise on Mexican trucks is a common-sense measure that ensures free trade and public safety can move forward together.