(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Senator Patty Murray, ranking member of the Senate Employment, Safety and Training Subcommittee, today announced that 400 workers from the Miller Brewery in Tumwater, Washington are now eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).

Workers at the Tumwater Brewery, which will be closing due to economic hardship, will now be eligible for federal income support, training assistance, and a job search allowance. Murray lobbied the Labor Department to approve the petition on behalf of the Tumwater workers.

“This assistance is critical for the hundreds of hardworking Olympia Brewing employees who have lost their jobs due to forces beyond their control,” Murray said. “I am proud to have stood beside these workers and their families to make sure that they have the resources and assistance to make it through this difficult time.”

Workers at the Tumwater Brewery who are losing their jobs will now be eligible for 52 additional weeks of income support and 104 weeks of retraining assistance.

Under the TAA, the Tumwater workers will be eligible for:

Training: Workers may receive up to 104 weeks of approved training in occupational skills, basic or remedial education, or literacy training.

Income Support: Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) are weekly cash payments available for 52 weeks after a worker’s state unemployment compensation is exhausted.

Job Search Allowance: Reimburses workers for approved expenses if successful in obtaining employment outside the normal commuting area.