Murray Discusses Farmworker Housing, Education & Healthcare with Latino Leaders

Aug 05 2002

Leaders share ideas on new proposed Farmworker Housing Trust

(SEATTLE, WA) - Senator Patty Murray met today with more than 20 Washington state Latino leaders to discuss education, health care, immigration and farmworker housing. Representatives of education, business, labor and social services from across the state met at Murray's Seattle office for over an hour to share their insights and to learn more about the new Rural and Farmworker Housing Trust (RAFHT).

Murray has long been an advocate for safe, accessible farmworker housing. In 2000, Murray secured $1.75 million in federal funds to address the shortage in Washington state.

This year, Murray secured $200,000 in a Senate spending bill to start up the RAFHT. The trust will be set up to help raise millions of additional dollars from private and other sources to help improve farmworker housing in Washington state.

"Too many of Washington state's migrant and seasonal farmworkers lack safe, affordable housing for themselves and their families," Murray said. "Today's meeting was an effort to reach out to leaders in the community to share ideas and to work together on the common goal of improving housing."

The meeting was co-hosted by Jorge Madrazo, the Consul of Mexico in Seattle.