We should not use the Constitution to take away basic rights from individuals and that's why I oppose this unnecessary, politically motivated constitutional amendment. This is an issue that should be left to the states to decide.

With all the challenges we as a country currently face, this is the last thing the Senate should be working on. We have hundreds of thousands of troops getting shot at in Iraq with no plan in place to stabilize that country. We've got sky-rocketing healthcare costs with no plan in place to help Americans get the healthcare they deserve.

And we haven't done our work around the Senate: we have no budget and we haven't done our appropriations. Instead of dealing with these real threats to the American people we're taking up the Senate's time on an issue that isn't going to create one job, bring one soldier home, educate another kid, or get a senior affordable prescription drugs.

This is election-year politics pure and simple, in its crassest and worst form.