Senator Patty Murray released the following statement today on the filing of two competing aerospace trade cases at the World Trade Organization.

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"Today is a good day for our aerospace workers. They know today that their government is willing to go the distance at the World Trade Organization in the ongoing effort to even the aerospace market playing field.

The bold action taken by the Bush administration and the USTR in defense of American aerospace jobs is exactly the right step in this ongoing dispute. We entered negotiations to avoid this move nearly six months ago with the hope of putting the WTO case behind us.

Unfortunately, the EU's participation in these talks was nothing more than a charade. The Europeans mocked our good faith efforts toward a negotiated solution by moving ahead with new launch aid to the A350. That was the last straw. Their illegal, unfair actions must stop. We cannot not sit idly by and watch Airbus break the rules – again – to subsidize the A350 without any response.

We've heard the rhetoric before, and this morning came word that the EU will try to equate Airbus' billions of dollars in launch aid to some Boeing tax incentives. While Airbus attacks Boeing with more disingenuous half-truths, they've extended their hand to demand more subsidies from European governments. This strategy has ensured that European taxpayers and other trade interests may now pay the bill for Airbus' arrogant ways.

But let me be clear: there's a big difference between the tax incentives that Washington state offered to Boeing and the billions and billions in launch aid European governments have given and continue to pledge to Airbus. Boeing has never received a cash advance to build a new plane. Airbus seems to never build a new plane without a cash advance.

The Bush Administration and the USTR should aggressively move forward with every tool at their disposal in defense of American workers. And in doing so, they know that the have the full support of those workers, the communities where they live and work, and even the United States Senate, which voted unanimously to support this action a few weeks ago.

Airbus has shown through words and action that they have no regard for American workers. We are committed to ending Airbus' subsidized attempt to dominate the global aerospace market, and the WTO is exactly the place to do it."