“We still don’t know what today’s announcement by Dubai Ports World means for the future operations of the six ports in question. Considering the lack of scrutiny and general mismanagement of the process to this point, we need to continue to proceed with caution. “But while we don’t yet know enough about what today’s announcement means, we do know that there are gaping holes in cargo and port security that need to be plugged. “America can’t afford to outsource the security of our ports. The safety of our citizens and the strength of our economy are the most important responsibility of the United States government. And our government must begin to take that responsibility seriously. “I urge the Administration and Congress to take a serious look at the GreenLane Maritime Cargo Security Act that I have introduced with Senator Susan Collins of Maine. The GreenLane bill develops a cargo security system that closes vulnerabilities, provides a way to resume trade after an incident, and maintains the efficient flow of commerce. I believe that we can move ahead with this legislation this year. ”