“I look forward to a thorough and diligent review of Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court. I will evaluate her based on the same standards I use for all judicial appointments. Is she ethical, honest and qualified? Will she be evenhanded, fair, and independent; and will she uphold our rights and liberties? We have much to learn about Harriet Miers and I will not pass judgment until I have all the facts.

“Whomever fills this vacancy will replace a justice who served our national honorably for 24 years. Justice O’Connor, the first woman nominated to the Supreme Court, has had a great impact on history and her voice on the Court was one of independence, moderation and fairness.

“As I’ve consistently said, I take very seriously the constitutional role of the Senate in the Supreme Court nomination and confirmation process. All of us in the Senate must take our time to consider Harriet Miers’ qualifications and her record. There is no need to rush to judgment on this important nomination, and I pledge to do all I can to learn about Harriet Miers and actively participate in the confirmation process.”