On October 3rd, I attended a hearing in the Hart Senate Office Building where HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson discussed our nation's preparedness for biological attacks. Today in the same building, Senator Daschle's office and the Capitol Police responded to a letter, which according to field tests, contained Anthrax. Clearly, the nature of the threat has changed in the past two weeks.

Like all Americans, I'm concerned about the staff members who may have been exposed and I'm concerned about all the reported cases of Anthrax.

Since the September 11th tragedy, security has been strengthened at buildings across the country, including the U.S. Capitol. It is unfortunate that Americans everywhere must take extra precautions in their daily lives.

Despite the efforts of a few to disrupt our government, we will not be deterred. I value correspondence from constituents in Washington State, and appreciate the suggestions and feedback. The Congress will continue to do the important business of this country, including improving homeland security. My top priority remains the passage of an economic aid package for dislocated workers.

The spirit of America and the freedoms we enjoy will not be dimmed by the cowardly acts of a few. We will continue to be vigilant as we do the work of and for the American people.