Video of Sen. Murray's Remarks

(Washington, D.C.) - Today Senator Murray spoke on the Senate floor in support of a resolution honoring America's troops.

Her remarks follow:

Mrs. MURRAY. Mr. President, I rise in support to the resolution before the Senate.

The President has now started an operation that we had all hoped to avoid. Now that battle has begun, we must win the war and win the peace.

There has been considerable disagreement leading up to this moment--in this chamber, in this country, and throughout the world. Many people have very strong feelings about the military operation in Iraq , and they have expressed those feelings.

The debate has been vigorous. But now that American forces are in combat, our soldiers should not doubt our support for them.

We stand firmly behind the men and women of our military. They have volunteered to serve their country. We are proud of their service, and we admire their courage. During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with them and the families who await their return.

My State of Washington is home to thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen. I have had the privilege of meeting many of them--at Fort Lewis, Fairchild Air Force Base, McChord Air Force base, Whidbey Naval Air Station, Everett Naval Station, Bremerton Naval Station, the Bangor Sub base, and our Coast Guard stations.

Some of Washington State's finest are now serving in the Middle East, and may be seeing combat. I have no doubt they will distinguish themselves in carrying out their missions.

Many of these soldiers have family back in Washington State. Throughout my state and across the nation, families are anxious, knowing that their loved ones are in military action.

We take comfort in knowing that America's soldiers are the best-trained, best-equipped, and most capable fighting force the world has ever known. They will carry out this dangerous mission, and they will prevail. We are proud of their dedication and courage, and we all pray for their safe and swift return.