“Today Airbus showed its true colors in asking the E.U. to illegally subsidize the A350, and those colors are anything but red, white and blue. Despite a slick marketing campaign, Airbus today confirmed that they will go to any length to undermine American workers and our aerospace industry.

We cannot allow Airbus to break the rules and subsidize the A350. It is time to take this fight to the WTO.

I applaud the Bush Administration for entering into negotiations with the EU in a good faith effort to protect American jobs and restore balance to the commercial aircraft trade. But Airbus and the EU mocked our efforts by continuing to work behind the scenes to secure illegal subsidies. The issue of launch aid is at the heart of negotiations and we are not backing down.

Today’s action shows that the EU and Airbus are not serious about resolving the issue of subsidies through negotiations. Their efforts have been nothing more than a charade. We are committed to our work to save American aerospace jobs and should not lose more time with an insincere partner.”