"I look forward to examining Judge Roberts’ record in detail as the process for this most important nomination process proceeds. As I've said consistently, I take very seriously the constitutional role of the Senate in the Supreme Court nomination and confirmation process, and I look forward to going through the process once again.

"I believe that every Supreme Court justice should be fair and impartial, even-handed in administering justice, and committed to the protection of the rights and liberties of all Americans. As I learn more about Judge Roberts’ record, those basic standards will remain at the front of my mind.

"President Bush has nominated Judge Roberts to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court and offered him the chance to impact every American. All of us in the Senate must take our time to consider his qualifications and his record before taking a final position. There is no need to rush to judgment on this important issue, and I pledge to do all I can to learn about Judge Roberts and actively participate in the Senate's confirmation process."