Murray Delivers Major Victory for Hanford in Final Version of Yearly Spending Bill

Sep 30 2009

Murray secures $87 million over the President's request for cleanup in the upcoming Fiscal Year

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) a senior member of the Energy and Water Appropriations Committee, announced that the final version of a spending bill that funds Hanford cleanup will include more than $87 million more for cleanup than the President’s Fiscal Year 2010 budget request. Murray, who was part of the Conference Committee and Appropriations Subcommittee that crafted the final legislation, fought for the inclusion of the additional funding after the House version of the bill cut Hanford funding to $51.8 million below the President’s budget request. The additional funding secured by Murray will go primarily toward groundwater cleanup and K Basin sludge treatment and disposal. 

“At a time when everyone is vying for federal energy dollars, this is a big win,” said Senator Murray. “This bill moves us toward the consistent budgets we need each year to deliver on cleanup goals. And when combined with the nearly $2 billion in funding in the Recovery Act, it will allow us to continue to safeguard jobs and address big cleanup priorities like ground water protection and waste treatment. I will continue to step forward to protect Hanford funding when it is targeted to be cut. After taking a big step forward with the Economic Recovery Act we can’t afford to take any steps back.”

Senator Murray announced the Fiscal Year 2010 funding levels following a Conference Committee meeting on the FY2010 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill which contains the funding for Hanford clean-up within the Environmental Management (EM) budget. The Conference Committee version of the bill is now expected to pass through both chambers of Congress and be signed by President Obama.

Hanford – Fiscal Year 2010 Funding

TOTAL HANFORD FUNDING: $2,095,732,000 – $87 million more than President’s Budget Request
Office of River Protection: $1,098,000,000
Hanford Site: $990,080,000
Fast Flux Test Facility: $7,652,000 

Murray’s Call for Consistent Budgets

Under the Obama Administration, Senator Murray has said that she expects, and will work for, consistent yearly funding for Hanford cleanup. After including nearly $2 billion for Hanford cleanup in the Economic Recovery Act (ARRA), Senator Murray has worked to ensure that Administration officials understand that while the one-time spending boost is helpful, meeting cleanup goals will require adequate budgets on a yearly basis. 

In May, after President Obama released his budget request for EM, Murray said that his budget “doesn’t cut it” and pledged to boost funding. 

Later that month, when Energy Secretary Steven Chu appeared before the Energy and Water Appropriations Committee, Senator Murray reiterated her commitment to working for funding levels that meet cleanup goals: 

“My position is clear and the Administration can expect it to remain consistent.  And that is what I want for these budgets,” Senator Murray told Dr. Chu. “I want budgets that clearly meet the obligations we have to the nation and the states and communities that are home to these cleanup sites.  And I want budgets that consistently make progress toward the goal to clean up the waste. Funding highs and lows don’t get us there.”  -  Audio