Patty in the News




WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yakima County would receive a half-million dollars to fight gang problems under a final spending bill expected to be signed by President Barack Obama, Sen. Patty Murray announced Wednesday.

The money would go toward a multi-agency effort to turn kids away from gangs or keep them from joining. The initiative would include police, schools and social service agencies.

In a statement released by the Washington Democrat’s office, Yakima County Sheriff Ken Irwin credited voters with approving a sales tax to support law enforcement efforts across the county.

“Unfortunately, given the rapid increase in gang-related crime and violence, we need more assistance in the areas of gang prevention, intervention and suppression,” Irwin said.  “We believe we need state and federal assistance in meeting this incredible challenge to our community.”

It’s unclear when the Senate and House will send the bill to the president for his consideration.

- Yakima Herald-Republic