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Constituent Service is a major responsibility of my state office staff. Their mission is to help individuals, groups, companies, and institutions with problems or requests they may have with government agencies. Inquiries range from an individual seeking clarification of her/his IRS tax account to a town that needs to find funding for a sewer system.

My goal is to assist constituents in resolving their complaints by contacting the federal agency involved and requesting a review of the matter. My staff also works to ensure timely responses and appropriate action from federal agencies on individual constituent requests.

FAQs | Quick Answers 

Over the years, we have encountered some issues more frequently than others. The following links contain answers to questions that my staff are frequently asked by constituents.

If you are having difficulties with a state agency send us a letter detailing the situation and the state agency involved. We will contact that state agency on your behalf and ask them to respond to your concerns. Please note it is a good idea to contact your state representative or senator on these issues because it involves a state agency.

Because of the Privacy Act of 1974, my office must have a written request for assistance from constituents. A federal agency cannot provide my office information about a case without this written authorization. See our Privacy Release Form.

To discuss your case with someone on my staff, please contact the office nearest you: (Please do not send your request to my Washington, D.C. office as it will delay the response to your request)

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