Ensuring a Secure Retirement

Washington state workers deserve retirement security in their golden years. Senator Murray believes Social Security is still the best foundation on which to build that security, and preventing attempts to privatize our Social Security system is a top priority for me.  In addition, she believes workers who contribute to corporate 401(k) pension plans should be treated the same as management or executives - no exemptions, no golden parachutes.

Senator Murray knows that pensions, along with private savings and Social Security, are critical components of American workers' retirement security. 

That is why, in the 109th Congress, she voted to pass a bipartisan pension reform bill that will shore up multi-employer benefit pension plans, improve pension plan funding, and provide more predictable rules for companies.  The Pension Protection Act of 2006, which passed into law, takes a series of important steps toward making sure that promised pensions are available for workers when they retire. Senator Murray is committed to making sure that the workers in Washington state will in fact have the retirement security they have worked so hard for and deserve.

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