Senator Murray recognizes that women face special challenges in retirement. In general, women live longer than men and are more likely to live with a chronic medical condition. Unfortunately, women have less access to pensions, leave the workforce for an average of at least 10 years to care for their families, and make less money than men do. That is why Senator Murray has fought for Social Security and Medicare protections for women by:

  • Working to adjust survivors' benefits so widows can receive 75% of their spouses' benefit,
  • Working to provide a family caregiver credit so women aren't penalized for leaving the workforce to raise a family,
  • And working to guarantee Social Security benefits for all to keep older women out of poverty.

Senator Murray has also fought against the Bush Administration's plan to privatize Social Security. Murray joined with her Democratic women colleagues in opposing the Social Security privatization plan because it would actually cut benefits for widows and survivors.

Murray also led the successful effort to expand access to retirement security for women through private pensions and retirement savings.