Rural Housing

Washington state’s rural communities have unique housing needs, and I have worked throughout my career in the U.S. Senate to help those communities improve and expand housing opportunities. In 2003, I worked to secure federal funding to establish the Washington State Farmworker Housing Trust, which works with farm communities in Washington State. I also fought to increase federal funding to expand the supply of affordable and rental-assisted housing.

Washington State Farmworker Housing Trust

I was proud to help establish the Washington State Farmworker Housing Trust to help families who work hard to keep one of our state’s most important industries strong. The Trust is a nonprofit organization that works to improve agricultural communities in Washington by securing and investing resources to provide safe, affordable housing and community services. I have continued to support the Trust and its efforts to help organizations and individuals who work to improve farmworker housing in communities across the state.

Expanding Rural Homeownership Opportunities

I have been a strong advocate for federal programs that help provide homeownership opportunities in rural communities, such as the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development agency and its housing initiatives, which are designed to finance and facilitate the development of housing and essential community facilities in rural areas.