Small Business

Small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy.  They drive job growth, stimulate local economies, and help develop new industries and products.  I’ve been proud to fight for fair tax policies that will help Washington’s small businesses grow, compete for government contracts, and gain access to industry research that will help them develop and expand their businesses.

  • The federal government should be a good partner to small businesses by making investments to improve our nation’s infrastructure and facilitate the efficient movement of commerce. As chair of the Senate Transportation and Housing Appropriations subcommittee, I have fought for increased investments in transportation infrastructure, mass transit systems, safer ports, and well-maintained highways and roads so that commerce can move smoothly and efficiently.

  • My dad managed a small business, and I know how important taxes are to business owners.  I believe we should help small businesses grow by offering tax incentives for research and development, equipment and building upgrades, and increased energy efficiency.  And I will continue working to ensure small business owners can get incentives to help grow and expand their businesses and create a healthy work environment for their employees.

  • Increasing access to technology in rural areas is also critical to helping small business owners communicate with their clients and expand their consumer base in rural locations. That’s why I believe we must expand broadband Internet capacity in rural areas to help promote economic growth and enable small business owners reach more potential clients.

  • We also must increase access to the marketplace for women and minority-owned businesses.  I have pressed the Small Business Administration to further its professional contacts with women and minority owned businesses, and I will continue to push the SBA to follow through on directives from Congress to help women and minority business owners have a fair shot at receiving government contracts.