Social Security

Social Security

“Since its creation in 1935, Social Security has provided millions of seniors with a foundation of economic security and lifted millions more out of poverty. Today, the program remains a basic American value.  It is a promise that if you work hard, you will have some security when you retire or if you become disabled.  It is a safety net to keep seniors out of financial poverty. Social Security must remain available not only for current beneficiaries but for generations to come.”


  • Guaranteeing Social Security benefits for all.
  • Ensuring Social Security's protections for the disabled.
  • Protecting benefits for women and minorities.
  • Securing the solvency of the Social Security fund.
  • Ensuring quick responses from the Social Security Administration for disability claims.


  • Fought against budget proposals that would have privatized or cut Social Security benefits to middle class seniors, widows, and survivors.
  • Supported legislation to protect Social Security cost-of-living adjustments.
  • Supported legislation that would eliminate the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provisions to ensure all federal employees and retirees receive their full pay and benefits.
  • Supported efforts to cut down on backlogs at the Social Security Administration to ensure quick responses.