Unemployment Assistance

Securing Unemployment Assistance

Working to not only to improve Washington state’s economy, but also provide assistance for unemployed Washingtonians has always been a top priority for Senator Murray. Unemployment insurance is a system into which both workers and business pay to provide temporary and partial wage replacement to workers who have lost their job and to help stabilize local economies, especially during recessions. 

Senator Murray continues to support reauthorizing assistance to workers experiencing long-term employment difficulties. Congress needs to ensure that while Americans are looking for work, they remain able to put food on the table, pay the rent, and fill up their gas tanks, bringing relief to struggling families.  

Our nation’s economy has been hit hard as a result of the recession, mortgage and credit crisis, rising gas prices, and the high cost of health care.  The unemployment insurance program is a critical safety net for workers and their families during these challenging economic times.  Senator Murray has supported many bills to address the long-term unemployment crisis across our country and will maintain that support as our economy continues to recover.  

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