Senator Murray believes strongly that when women succeed, our country succeeds. Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992, the so-called “Year of the Woman” when women gained a record six U.S. Senate seats, Senator Murray has been focused throughout her career on expanding opportunity for women in Washington state and across the country. From helping break down barriers women face in the workplace to standing up for a woman’s constitutionally guaranteed right to make her own decisions about her own body, Senator Murray has fought hard for women’s rights and health, and she’ll keep fighting to ensure women’s voices are heard in Congress. 

Senator Murray has stood up for women’s health and rights by:

  • Fighting for fair pay for women with policies like the Lilly Ledbetter Act;
  • Protecting women’s access to critical health care services and expanding access to contraceptive care;
  • Pushing for family-friendly workplace policies that help parents succeed at home and at work; 

Senator Murray will continue fighting to expand opportunity for women by: 

  • Strengthening protections to help women get equal pay through the Paycheck Fairness Act;
  • Working to expand access to affordable child care so that moms—and dads—don’t have to worry about whether their children are getting quality care while they are away;
  • Fighting back against extreme Republican attempts to turn back the clock on women’s health,
  • And pushing for a federal minimum wage floor of $12 by 2020, to give millions of working women across the country a much-needed raise.