Derechos civiles y democracia

Senator Murray believes that the right to vote is essential to making sure our democracy stays a democracy. The ability for people to use their voice and their vote to have a say in our government is foundational, and that means people have to have the power in our elections—not special interests, dark money, or just those at the very top. Senator Murray is working to use every legislative tool available, including an exemption to the filibuster, to strengthen voting rights and protect every American’s right to have their voice heard in our democracy.

La igualdad de protección ante la ley también es fundamental para nuestro país. Es por eso que el Senador Murray trabaja para poner fin a todas las formas de discriminación y garantizar que todos tengan las mismas oportunidades, independientemente de su raza, religión, nacionalidad, edad, sexo, discapacidad, orientación sexual o identidad de género.

Senator Murray has made her commitment to racial justice in America clear. She believes that racial injustice and violence against Black people and communities of color—from unfair lending practices and redlining of Black neighborhoods to egregious and painful instances of police brutality—continue to present real and ongoing challenges that demand action. That’s why in all of her work—from health care to education to workers’ rights—she prioritizes examining and eradicating systemic racism and discrimination, which has too often led to communities of color, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community being left behind.

Senator Murray has also been commended as a leader in the Senate for her efforts to bring diversity of background and professional experience to the federal bench, working to build faith in our institutions and ensure our courts are more reflective of the communities they serve.

Since the start of the Biden-Harris administration, Senator Murray has filled every single vacancy in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington with seven well-qualified and diverse nominees and has secured the votes to confirm a total of nine federal judges from Washington state to a lifetime appointment.

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