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Vet¬eran employ¬ment issues took cen¬ter stage on Capi¬tol Hill today, as the Sen¬ate Vet¬er¬ans’ Affairs Com¬mit¬tee held hear¬ings on a sub¬ject which was recently cov¬ered in this blog by Ben Krause – the increas¬ing vet¬eran job¬less rates. Sen¬ate Vet¬er¬ans’ Affairs Com¬mit¬tee Chair¬man, Patty Mur¬ray (D-WA) stated that the “high rate of unem¬ploy¬ment for recently sep¬a¬rated vet¬er¬ans is an issue that at first glance defies com¬mon sense.” She noted, that despite their train¬ing, skills, and desire to achieve, “over 27 per¬cent of vet¬er¬ans age 20–24 were unem¬ployed.”

- Military Advantage
U.S. Sen. Patty Murray vowed Thursday that she would fight Republican efforts to strip federal support for women’s health and family planning programs from a budget to fund the federal government through Oct. 1.

- The Columbian
Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) said Thursday that Republican pressure to include a rider to a budget deal defunding Planned Parenthood is “stunning” to her as a woman and that Senate leadership will not back down in their support of women’s health issues.

- Politico
A 95-year-old World War II veteran who got into a jam earlier this month because he couldn't prove his U.S. citizenship will soon have all the proof he needs. Leland Davidson will receive a certificate of citizenship in a special ceremony on Tuesday, along with 58 other people... Davidson's family even began to worry that the World War II vet could lose his Medicare and Social Security - and didn't know where to turn. The KOMO 4 Problem Solvers spoke with U.S. Sen. Patty Murray's office and received an application for citizenship, and since Davidson is a veteran it didn't cost him any money.

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SEATTLE -- One year ago, seven workers at a refinery in Anacortes died in an explosion.And to honor the victims, Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., introduced a resolution on the floor of U.S. Senate Thursday morning, recognizing the anniversary of the tragedy.

At the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, top Senate Democrats raised loud objections to a House Republican plan that they said would eliminate 10,000 housing vouchers for homeless veterans this year, an effort to save $75 million from the 2011 federal budget. Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington... called the proposal “astounding” and said no federal budget should shortchange the most vulnerable Americans. She says she wants to eliminate homelessness among U.S. veterans and said the proposal is “just one more example of the Republicans’ reckless budget that puts politics and ideology over families, communities, and even those who have served and sacrificed for our nation.”

- The Olympian
CONGRATULATIONS to Boeing. The Air Force tanker contract is a $35 billion win for the company, its stockholders, employees, suppliers and the entire Puget Sound area. There have been 10 years of fuss about this contract, which at one point was awarded to EADS, the French company that owns Airbus. We assume the Air Force did it better this time, and that the decision sticks. It has always been our thought that we wanted the Air Force to administer this competition fairly, and for Boeing to win it. On our front page Friday we ran a photo of Sen. Patty Murray, Sen. Maria Cantwell and Rep. Jay Inslee celebrating the victory over the French.

- Seattle Times
Unlike active duty soldiers, National Guard and Reserve troops return from war to civilian lives without being able to decompress by sharing their military experiences with comrades on military bases. Yet the United States relies on these “citizen soldiers” more than at any time since World War II, and their repeated deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan have taken a heavy psychological toll, veterans and counselors told U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., on Wednesday. In her first public meeting with constituents since being appointed chairwoman of the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee, Murray met with about 250 military veterans at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 51 in Spokane on Wednesday.

- Spokesman-Review
Amid fears that Boeing will lose a $35 billion aerial tanker contract to a European competitor, senators from Washington state and Kansas pressured President Barack Obama on Thursday to side with the U.S. aerospace giant, which promises to bring thousands of jobs to the two states if it wins the competition. "Our economy and our workers cannot afford for this contract and the jobs it will create to go overseas," said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., adding that Boeing employees "are hungry for this contract."

- Everett Herald

In Our View: In Service to Vets

Sen. Murray, tireless advocate for veterans, now chairs powerful committee

Feb 15 2011

The contradictions are obvious, and yet they are welcome and they will serve the United States well.
As Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., settles into her new role as chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, it is important to recognize and understand how she has been training for the role her entire life.

- The Columbian