News Releases

July 2018
Date Title
07/31/18 Senator Murray Opposes President Trump’s Proposal to Let Insurance Companies Ignore Pre-existing Protections, Award Bigger Executive Bonuses

07/31/18 Senator Murray Cosponsors New Legislation to Block Efforts to Make Blueprints for 3D Guns Publicly Accessible

07/26/18 Senators Murray, Cantwell and Representative Heck Introduce Resolution to Recognize Tribal Canoe Journey

07/26/18 After President Trump’s Treasury Officials Change Rule to Keep High-Dollar Donations Secret, Senator Murray Cosponsors New Legislation to Reverse Rule Immediately

07/25/18 CHILD NUTRITION: Senator Murray and Representative Davis Introduce Legislation to Bring New Momentum to Fight Summer Hunger

07/25/18 VIDEO: Senator Murray Voices Support for Federal Workers and Right to Organize, Highlights Trump Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh’s Anti-Labor Record

07/25/18 VIDEO: Sharing Powerful Stories of Women’s Experiences Post-Roe v. Wade, Senator Murray Lays Out Case Against Judge Kavanaugh’s Vision for Women in America, Calls on Men and Women to Speak Out Against Nomination

07/24/18 EDUCATION AND JOB TRAINING: Senator Murray Applauds Senate Passage of Career and Technical Education Bill

07/24/18 One Year After Senate Trumpcare Bill Failed, Senator Murray Shares Washington State Stories to Highlight Trump Administration’s Health Care Sabotage, Urges People to Continue Speaking Out

07/24/18 Washington State Democrats Join 139 Members of House and Senate to Speak Out Against Charging Migrant Parents Up to $8/Min. to Speak With Their Kids