News Releases

September 2018
Date Title
09/21/18 ROUND-UP: Calling for “Fair Treatment and Human Decency,” Senator Murray Condemns President Trump & Senate Republicans’ Attempts to Try to Bully Dr. Ford and Rush Judge Kavanaugh Onto Supreme Court, Urges Colleagues to Conduct Full & Fair Investigation and #BelieveWomen

09/21/18 Murray, Cantwell, Newhouse Applaud Forest Service Recommendation to Protect Methow Valley from Mining

09/21/18 Murray, Cantwell, Reichert & Newhouse Highlight Addition of Sweet Cherries to Trade Aid Program, Pledge to Continue Work to Ensure Relief

09/20/18 TRANSPORTATION: Senators Murray and Cantwell Announce New Federal Investments in Washington State Transit Agencies

09/20/18 Senator Murray: Senate Republicans Attacking, Trying to Bully Dr. Ford In Attempt to Rush Judge Kavanaugh Onto Supreme Court

09/19/18 SEATTLE: Demanding a Delay for Vote on Trump Supreme Court Nominee, Senators Murray, Cantwell Join Women and Advocates to Shine a Spotlight on Judge Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Allegations and His Offensive Record on Women’s Health

09/18/18 Senator Murray on Proposed Cuts to Refugee Admissions: Trump Abdicating Our Country’s Long-Held Values and Rebuking National Security Experts

09/17/18 VIDEO: Senator Murray Addresses Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Trump Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh

09/17/18 VIDEO: Recounting Stories from Washington State on the Impact and Ripple Effects of Opioid Misuse, Senator Murray Applauds Senate Passage of Bipartisan Legislation to Tackle Nationwide Opioid Crisis

09/16/18 Senator Murray’s Statement on Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Trump Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh