News Releases

August 2018
Date Title
08/21/18 Senator Murray: Release Kavanaugh Documents, Don’t Let Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Hide Full Extent of His Opposition to Women’s Health and Rights

08/21/18 Senator Murray Slams President Trump’s Plan to Prop Up Coal While Moving U.S. Backward on Efforts to Combat Climate Change

08/20/18 Senator Murray Demands Answers Regarding Inappropriate Influence of President Trump’s “Mar-a-Lago Crowd” at VA

08/17/18 As Trump Administration Undermines Financial Protections, Senators Murray, Cantwell Demand CFPB Uphold its Duty to Shield U.S. Troops from Predatory Lending & Financial Fraud

08/16/18 Senators Murray, Menendez Demand an End to State Department’s Harmful Actions Toward U.S. Diplomat Families who Have Children with Disabilities

08/16/18 Senators Tester, Murray Take VA to Task for Mismanagement of Caregiver Program

08/15/18 Senators Murray, Cantwell Announce Significant New Investments to Strengthen Community Health Centers

08/10/18 Senator Murray Statement on DeVos Proposal to Abandon Gainful Employment Rule: “Proof There Is No Line DeVos Won’t Cross to Pad the Pockets of For-Profit Colleges”

08/08/18 TRADE: As President Trump’s Tariffs Threaten Washington State’s Economy, Senator Murray Visits Eastern, Southwest Washington Businesses and Workers to Observe Local Impact of Growing Trade Wars

08/06/18 Senator Murray Calls for Continued U.S. Leadership and Investment in Global Health Security, Highlights Past Successes, Ongoing Threats, and Impact on Families