News Releases

June 2018
Date Title
06/13/18 Senators Murray, Cantwell Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Repeal Outdated 1834 Ban on Distilleries on Tribal Land

06/13/18 VIDEO: As Republicans’ Health Care Sabotage Forces Washingtonians to Face Higher Costs, Senator Murray Blasts President Trump for Undermining Care, Abandoning Protections for Pre-existing Conditions

06/12/18 Senators Murray, Wyden, Gillibrand, Markey, Merkley, and Warren Introduce Bill to Secure Elections

06/12/18 On the Heels of Student-Led Weekend of Action Against Gun Violence in Washington State & Nationwide, Senator Murray Questions Secretary DeVos’ Inaction, Lack of Public Input, and Contradictory Statements on Gun Safety Commission

06/11/18 Senator Murray: Sessions’ Rollback of Asylum for Domestic Violence Survivors Shows Blatant, Frightening Disregard for Women’s Lives

06/11/18 Senators Murray, Cantwell Push Back against Trump's Policy of Tearing Apart Immigrant Families at the Border

06/07/18 On the Heels of Senator Murray’s Success Expanding VA’s Caregiver Support Program to Veterans of All Eras, Senate Committee Approves Major Investment to Implement Changes and Better Serve Veterans

06/07/18 With T-4 Days, Murray, Cantwell Urge Speaker Ryan to Immediately Schedule Vote on Senate-Passed Resolution to #SaveNetNeutrality

06/07/18 Murray, Cantwell to Trump: Uphold American Values, End Cruel Policy of Separating Children from Parents at the Border

06/07/18 Senator Murray Announces Major Investments in Transportation, Rail Safety, and Affordable Housing Programs in Washington State Have Been Approved by Senate Committee; Bill Now Moves to Full Senate