July 2017
Date Title
07/27/17 Sen. Murray Denounces Republican Plans to Hold Midnight Vote on Secret Trumpcare Bill; Challenges Moderate Senators Not to “Hand Keys Over” to Extreme House Conservatives

07/26/17 Sen. Murray: Responsible Republicans Have The Opportunity To Drop This Partisan Effort and Join Democrats At The Table To Improve Health Care

07/26/17 “This Is It”: In Final Hours of Trumpcare Debate, Sen. Murray Stands United with Planned Parenthood Providers and Patients

07/26/17 Sen. Murray Statement on Transgender Military Service

07/24/17 “Fight On Razor’s Edge”: With Trumpcare Vote Looming, Sen. Murray Urges Advocates to Ramp Up Pressure; Calls On Republicans to Oppose Vote

07/24/17 HANFORD: After Pushing for Improved Worker Safety Protections, Senators Murray & Cantwell Secure New Provisions in Senate Bill to Address Ongoing Concerns of Chemical Vapor Exposures at Hanford

07/21/17 Sens. Murray, Cantwell Challenge Trump Administration Over Move to Slash Teen Pregnancy Prevention; Democrats Say Action “Short-Sighted,” Will Make it Harder to Prevent Unintended Pregnancies

07/21/17 VIDEO: Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Patty Murray Delivers Weekly Democratic Address

07/21/17 TRANSPORTATION: Sens. Murray, Durbin, Hassan, Schatz and 28 Democrats Urge Senate Colleagues to Support Strong Investments in TIGER Program, Reject Drastic Cut in House Bill

07/20/17 HANFORD: After President Trump’s Hanford Budget Proposal Comes up Short, Sen. Murray Successfully Secures A Nearly $200 Million Increase for Nuclear Waste Cleanup in Senate Bill