June 2017
Date Title
06/19/17 Sen. Murray: “Why are Republican Leaders So Focused on Keeping Their Trumpcare Work Secret? … What Are They So Ashamed Of?”

06/19/17 Sen. Murray, Senate Dems Release List Of Every Possible Room To Hold A Formal Senate Committee Hearing In New Letter To GOP Leaders (Just In Case They Need Help Booking One On Trumpcare)

06/19/17 New Video: Sen. Murray, Senate Democrats Launch Campaign Urging People in Washington State and Nationwide To Speak Out Against Trumpcare & Share Their Stories

06/16/17 TRUMPCARE: Senator Murray Visits Patients at Seattle Community Health Clinic Concerned about Losing Coverage Under Trumpcare As Republicans Continue Work on Secret Health Care Plan in DC

06/16/17 Senator Murray: Proposed Emergency Preparedness Cuts in President Trump’s Budget Pose Serious Risk to Washington State’s Rural Communities

06/16/17 As Communities Around Washington State and the Country Mark Pride Month, Senators Murray, Cantwell Hold President Trump Accountable for Administration’s Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

06/15/17 VIDEO: At Senate Hearing Today, HHS Secretary Tom Price Refuses to Defend Trumpcare

06/14/17 Sen. Murray Denounces Sec. DeVos’ Decision to Put Predatory Colleges Before Thousands of Students in Washington State Who Were Cheated by Corinthian Colleges

06/13/17 As Republicans Attempt to Jam Secret Trumpcare Bill Through Senate Without Hearings, Senator Murray Cosponsors the “No Hearing, No Vote Act” to Require All Fast-Tracked Reconciliation Bills Be Subject to a Committee Hearing Before a Final Senate Vote

06/12/17 Sens. Murray & Warren Ask Inspector General to Investigate Trump Administration's Actions to Undermine the Health Care System