June 2018
Date Title
06/28/18 Following Supreme Court Decision to Weaken Public Sector Unions, Senator Murray Introduces New Legislation to Strengthen Rights of Workers to Join Together & Use Their Voices to Bargain Collectively

06/28/18 Washington State Lawmakers Urge Administration to Continue Prioritizing BPA, Other Power Marketing Administrations Within Energy Department

06/27/18 VIDEO: Senator Murray: Republicans Must Address Elephant in the Room on High Health Costs—President Trump’s Sabotage

06/27/18 Senator Murray on Supreme Court Decision to Weaken Unions: “A Loss for Workers and Yet Another Win for Corporate Special Interests”

06/27/18 VIDEO: Senator Murray Sounds the Alarm on Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s Retirement: “I share the deep concern of so many families across this country who…fear further erosion of the progress we have made”

06/25/18 In Another Rejection of President Trump’s Reckless Budget Proposals, Senator Murray Applauds Bipartisan Passage of Critical Funding for Hanford Cleanup, VA Caregivers Program, and Additional Priorities for Washington State Families, Veterans, and Military Bases

06/22/18 Senator Murray, Cantwell Call for Senate Hearings on Trump Administration’s Treatment of Migrant Children

06/21/18 On National ASK Day, Senator Murray Urges Washington State Families to Take Action Now to Prevent Gun Violence by Promoting Safe Storage

06/21/18 Senator Murray Demands Answers From Trump Health Secretary Azar on Safety, Reunification of Separated Children

06/20/18 Senator Murray on President Trump’s Executive Order on Family Separation Policy: “It’s not enough. We are not going to say everything is OK, and we are not going to stay quiet”