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Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., specifically mentioned Curtis’ plight in a speech Tuesday on the Senate floor. “These programs aren’t extravagant, but for so many workers they have made all the difference,” Murray said. “Workers like Judy Curtis, a woman from Mill Creek, Washington, who wrote to my office urging me to do everything I could to reauthorize the program.”

- HeraldNet
U.S. Transportation secretary Ray LaHood said Wednesday that Democratic Sen. Patty Murray made a "tough vote" but the "right vote to put people back to work" with the Obama administration's stimulus bill last year.

- SeattlePI
Bellevue-based Ramgen Power Systems will receive a $30 million grant from the Department of Energy to further develop the company's Supersonic Shock Wave Compression and Engine Technology.

- Bellevue Reporter
Years of debating and planning came to an end Wednesday when golden shovels dug into the soil of the biggest development project in Vancouver’s history. Elected officials including Sen. Patty Murray, Congressman Brian Baird and Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt broke ground on the $44.6 million waterfront access project.

- The Columbian
U.S. Senator Patty Murray visited Whatcom County yesterday, touring Alcoa Intalco Works near Ferndale. Murray touted her work with the US Department of Energy to help broker a deal with the Bonneville Power Administration to lower energy rates and keep the aluminum smelter operating.

Randall Smith spent years on the street as a homeless veteran. When he finally got a place to live, “I purposely rented a three-bedroom home,” he said. Smith wanted to be able to help other veterans make that same transition to a stable life.

- The Columbian
U.S. Sen. Patty Murray continued her series of conversations with the state’s veterans in Navy Yard City on Thursday before making a campaign stop in Bremerton. The three-term Democratic senator met with five veterans who have found it difficult to find work after military service, and with others trying to help them make the jump.

- Kistsap Sun
Peninsula resident Tiffany Turner was one of three Washington small business owners who met with President Barack Obama Tuesday morning for a round table discussion at Grand Central Bakery in Pioneer Square, Seattle. In a brief interview shortly after the meeting, Turner said excitedly, "It was crazy!" Turner and her husband Brady own the Inn at Discovery Coast in Long Beach.

- Chinook Observer
Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., met with four local business owners Wednesday whose efforts to grow their businesses have been stymied by banks that won't loan them money. Murray was there to say she has one answer to the problem -- a Senate bill that would provide $30 billion to community banks to loan to small businesses. The bill has been stalled in the Senate in a partisan stalemate, and it will be at least until September before Congress can act.

- Everett Herald
Washington's U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell held a news conference this morning at Wallingford's Tutta Bella pizzeria to talk up the small-business lending bill Democrats are trying to push through the Senate. The Small Business Jobs Act would create a $30 billion fund for community banks to lend to small businesses. It would also increase limits on existing Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and give small businesses additional federal tax breaks. Supporters say the proposal, which passed the House in June, would free up credit frozen for many worthy small businesses.

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