December 2017
Date Title
12/06/17 VETERANS: Senator Murray Slams President Trump For Gutting Successful Program to Combat Veteran Homelessness

12/06/17 Senators Murray and Cantwell Demand Trump Administration Reinstate Birth Control Coverage for Millions of Women

12/05/17 OPIOID CRISIS: Senator Murray Admonishes Trump Administration for Continued Failure to Support Emergency Funding Needed to Combat Epidemic Devastating Washington State & Communities Nationwide

12/04/17 Senator Murray Slams President Trump’s Attempt to Shrink National Monuments

12/01/17 Senate Passes Bill to Improve Safety and Sanitation at Columbia River Tribal Fishing Sites

12/01/17 Senator Murray Statement on Senate Passage of GOP Tax Plan

November 2017
Date Title
11/30/17 HANFORD: Senators Murray, Cantwell and Representative Newhouse Highlight Milestone in Hanford Cleanup, Urge Continued Federal Work to Fulfill Obligation to Tri-Cities Community

11/30/17 In Hearing with State Health Officials on Front Lines of Opioid Crisis, Senator Murray Once Again Urges the Trump Administration to Join Bipartisan Efforts in Congress to Support Communities Devastated by Epidemic

11/29/17 At Hearing, Senator Murray Challenges Nominee for Health Secretary to Stand Up to President Trump’s Ideological Agenda, Questions Nominee on Administration’s Record of Attacking Women’s Health & Rights

11/29/17 VIDEO: As Republicans Rush Tax Bill to a Full Senate Vote, Senator Murray Denounces Plan as “High-Priced Giveaway” to the Rich, Urges Republicans to Work on Bipartisan Solutions That Help Middle Class Families