July 2017
Date Title
07/17/17 With Vote on Health Care Bill Delayed At Least a Week, Sen. Murray and Top Senate Dems Urge GOP Leaders to Use the Extra Time to Hold Public Hearings So Senators Can Hear Concerns Directly from the Key Stakeholders & Experts, like Medical and Patient Groups, Insurance Companies & More

07/14/17 Sen. Murray, Democrats Warn Trump Administration Against Further Efforts to Target Retirement Savings Programs

07/14/17 During Senate Hearing, Sen. Murray Secures Funding Commitment From Transportation Secretary Chao on Critical Puget Sound Transportation Project

07/13/17 Murray, Cantwell, Dozens of Members of Congress Introduce Refund Equality Act to Provide Equal Tax Treatment for Married Same-Sex Couples

07/13/17 VETERANS: Sen. Murray Secures IVF Coverage, Caregiver Services, Mental Health Programs and More in Military and Veterans Bill

07/13/17 Sen. Murray: Trumpcare 3.0 is “Even Meaner” Than Previous Versions

07/12/17 Sens. Murray, Cantwell on Secretary Zinke’s National Monuments Review

07/12/17 TRUMPCARE: Sen. Murray & Senate Dems, Joined by Families of Medically Complex Children, Highlight the Dangers of the Cruz Amendment

07/11/17 SENATE FLOOR: As Senate GOP Try to Patch Trumpcare Together, Sen. Murray & Senate Dems Keep Pressure On, Share Constituent Stories on Disastrous Impacts of Bill

07/10/17 Sen. Murray, Senate Democratic Leaders Urge Leader McConnell To Advance Policies That Would Help Bring Stability To Health Insurance Markets & Make Premiums More Affordable For Millions Of Americans