July 2018
Date Title
07/24/18 One Year After Senate Trumpcare Bill Failed, Senator Murray Shares Washington State Stories to Highlight Trump Administration’s Health Care Sabotage, Urges People to Continue Speaking Out

07/23/18 TRADE: Citing the Devastating Impact of Polysilicon Tariffs on Moses Lake Jobs & Economy, Senators Murray, Cantwell and Representative Newhouse Urge President Trump to Resolve Growing Trade Dispute with China

07/19/18 On Heels of Trump’s Disastrous Helsinki Summit and His Hint of Handing over a Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Senator Murray Sounds the Alarm on This Dangerous Situation, Cosponsors Senate Resolution to Protect American Officials and Servicemembers

07/19/18 Senator Murray’s Statement on Withdrawal of Trump Circuit Court Nominee Bounds

07/18/18 VIDEO: Shining a Spotlight on Trump’s Extreme Supreme Court Nominee’s Record, Senator Murray Urges Republicans to Oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s Activist Agenda That Would Threaten Rights & Protections for Women, Families, Workers, Environment, & More

07/18/18 From the Clean Air Act, to Efforts to Combat Climate Change, to Long-Standing Chevron Deference, Senator Murray Highlights the Environmental Protections At Risk if the Supreme Court Swings Right with President Trump’s Extreme Nominee

07/17/18 Senator Murray Blasts Trump-Putin Summit, Strongly Urges Republicans To Put Country Over Party and Join Democrats to Hold President Trump Accountable

07/17/18 Senator Murray Criticizes Trump Administration for Failing to Lower Drug Prices, Focusing on Raising Families’ Premiums Through Sabotage

07/16/18 Senator Murray’s Statement on President Trump’s Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin

07/13/18 Senators Murray, Cantwell Call on Trump Administration to Immediately Reinstate CFPB Consumer Advisory Board