Education and Workforce

As a former preschool and community college teacher, school board member, and parent advocate, education is what got Senator Murray into politics in the first place. She has never stopped fighting to put students first and make sure they have the opportunity to succeed. Senator Murray believes that every student deserves a high-quality public K-12 education and access to affordable opportunities for higher education, including pathways to debt reduction and elimination. Senator Murray remains focused on ensuring our K-12 students have the academic and mental health support they need to succeed—which requires supporting our school teachers and leaders and encouraging high-quality and evidence-based learning opportunities. She is fighting to ensure all students can learn in safe and supportive learning environments free from discrimination, bullying, and harassment, and she passionately believes that investing in education is about giving the next generation the tools they need to grow, learn, and thrive.

Senator Murray is committed to making sure all students have access to a high quality, affordable college education. For so many students and families, particularly from low-income households, a college degree can be a pathway to a brighter future. However, the high price of college is a barrier to many students pursuing their dreams. As our nation’s students continue to face a student debt crisis, Senator Murray is committed to tackling the high cost of college and ensuring all students can access and obtain a higher education.

Having seen it firsthand, Senator Murray believes our nation’s workforce development programs and lifelong learning opportunities are important to provide workers with pathways to good-paying jobs. One of the reasons her family was able to make it through hard times was because her mother was able to go back to school, get training, and ultimately, a higher-paying job. Senator Murray is committed to making sure these programs are high-quality and available to more workers so people can stay competitive and grow in the careers they have or develop new skills to pursue new career paths. 

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