National Security

Keeping families across Washington state and the country safe is one of Senator Murray’s top priorities. And as the daughter of a World War II veteran and a voice in the U.S. Senate for our servicemembers, military families, and veterans in Washington state, she has long championed federal efforts to help keep our nation safe and ensure our women and men in uniform, as well as their families, are taken care of and have the resources and support they need to defend our freedoms. It is Senator Murray’s strong belief that Congress has an obligation to reassert its authority over questions of war and peace and conduct meaningful oversight in matters of national security. 

She also believes firmly that an essential part of protecting our national security is working toward greater justice, equality and opportunity at home, which requires reassessing our federal spending priorities to ensure every community, particularly those that have long been disadvantaged by our nation’s laws and policies, has the federal support they need to thrive. 

Senator Murray believes the United States should be a leader on the world stage and set an example as it relates to human rights—from supporting our allies, to standing up for the safety, security, and opportunity of women and girls, to protecting the humanity and dignity of refugees and asylum seekers, and ending the sale of weapons of war to bad actors. 

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