Standing Up For Working Families

Senator Murray believes that working families are the backbone of our economy and that when they succeed, our businesses, communities, and economy succeed. By investing in working families, she is helping build an economy that works for everyone—not just those at the top.

One of Senator Murray’s top priorities in the Senate is to address our nation’s child care crisis. She hears all the time from working parents across Washington state and the country about the challenges they face when it comes to finding quality, affordable child care—and for so many women, and in particular, women of color, it’s why they’ve been forced to quit their jobs, struggled to support their families, or struggled to grow their careers. Senator Murray is leading the fight in Congress to ensure families can find affordable care, child care providers can keep their doors open and earn a livable wage, and children can get an early education that can help them thrive.

Senator Murray has long fought to support families by guaranteeing paid sick, family, and medical leave. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how costly our lack of a national paid leave program and paid sick days policy was for workers, families, businesses, and our country. Senator Murray is working hard to make sure we’re no longer a country that forces workers to make the impossible decision between a paycheck and staying home to care for themselves or a sick family member.

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